Below is a list on some major features of this software. The links point on one of the given samples to show what it's about.

Another notable point is that the input data is raw text files. You can take advantage of this when you want to group together several projects, say if you have two separate projects for two separate periods of the year, and you want to group them together to have a global view. All you have to to is paste together the input files, say something like:

cat mysched_semester_1.csv > mysched_all.csv
cat mysched_semester_2.csv >> mysched_all.csv

However, this implies that student groups organisation hasn't changed in between (for example, reducing the number of groups). If it is the case, you can still get the total worktime of your instructors by merging the two computed csv files that hold this information (see for example the link on top of this page).

You can also maitain input files for different divisions of students and group them automatically to produce the schedule:

cat division_1.csv > global.csv
cat division_2.csv >> global.csv