Here, various info that doesn't fit at present on other pages...

Bug: Google Calendar behaviour with ical files

Google calendar does not seem to be compliant with the RFC describing ical files.

As of today (2014/12), Google calendar app DOES NOT consider a default time (such as 19980118T230000 ) as local time and always treats it as "Zulu" (UTC) time. It shouldn't, as the ical RFC is pretty clear about this.

gensched generates at present ical file with local time only...


Printing pages

To get a nice pdf file useful for sending through email, several solutions are available:

>wkhtmltopdf --quiet --orientation Landscape input.html output.pdf

Using with LibreOffice

If you are using Libre Office to generate the input csv file, it can be useful to have some details on customization. The goal is to have a "one-click" generation of the csv file form an .ods file, by using a button in the toolbar.

The following has been tested on LO 4.2.8, should adapt without problems to more recent versions.